Ear Piercing

What piercing services do you offer?

We pierce first holes in ear lobes. We cannot pierce cartilage. This service is available to existing patients only.

How much does it cost? Can it be billed to my insurance?

Unfortunately, as ear piercing is considered a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance. The cost to pierce ears is $150 and includes both the cost of the visit and the earrings. Payment is due at the time of service.

What requirements are there to be eligible for ear piercing?

We pierce ears for children aged 3-10 months or over 5 years. Children should be up to date on vaccines, particularly tetanus, in order to lower the risk of infection. Waiting until 3 months allows the ear lobe to grow enough to allow for the earring to be positioned appropriately. Between 10 months and 5 years it may be difficult for your child to control his or her movements during the procedure. It may also be difficult for her/him to sit still enough to participate in after care or prevent excess touching of the new piercing which can lead to infection.

What earrings do you use to pierce? Can I bring my own earrings?

We use the Blomdahl ear piercing kit which is only available to physicians. We use special piercing earrings made of medical grade plastic, meaning they are hypoallergenic and 100% nickel-free. Each earring is contained in a sterile cartridge prior to insertion. We cannot use earrings brought from home.

What are the risks?

Ear piercing is a minor surgical procedure that comes with risk of infection, scarring or allergic reaction. We minimize those risks by using sterile technique and nickel-free earrings. You will be asked to sign a consent form on the day of the piercing.

What care will my child need afterwards?

We recommend keeping the earrings clean and in place for 6 weeks before changing out for another hypoallergenic post-style earring. You will receive a more detailed sheet about after care at the appointment.

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